Halloween 2014 Party Info

Yes, the tradition continues into it’s 5th year!  This year’s Party will be held on

Saturday, October 25, 2014
6PM – 10PM

We will be doing a Food Truck this year instead of a Pot Luck.  However, we will still need everyone to bring Desserts and Beverages to share.

This year’s theme is The Mummy!

Please bring your lights and power cords and a bag of spider webs down to 4047 by Oct 12.

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Party Setup Info

The night is almost upon us!  Friday we will be setting up the maze all day.  We still have a few activities that need some final love, so if you can, come on down anytime on Friday to help!

Saturday, please bring your tables and chairs (if you want to sit) in the morning by 10AM.

For the Pot Luck, please bring your supplies down around 5PM to get it set up.

Party setup runs from 10AM to 3PM, stop by anytime to lend a hand.

Don’t forget to remind your guests about party etiquette:
1. The Party is in the street and sidewalks only!  Respect our neighbors and stay out of their yards and driveways.

2. Wear your name tags and have your guests put their host Farmdale family name on as well.  Everyone needs to be accounted for to help keep our children and property safe.  Keep an eye out for unknown people.

3. Remind your children and your guests to take care of the props and other Halloween items.  It’s very exciting!  Help them calm down when they get too wound up in order to prevent injury or damage to our Halloween gear.

4. Have a Frighteningly Good Time!

Until we meet….


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Paint and Hang Centerpiece – Day 2

Title: Paint and Hang Centerpiece – Day 2
Description: Finish painting the Centerpiece and Hang on end of street after lights have been attached
Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2013-10-20

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Paint Centerpiece – Day 1

Title: Paint Centerpiece – Day 1
Description: Paint the street centerpiece werewolf
Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2013-10-19

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Hang Lights and Rigging

Title: Hang Lights and Rigging
Description: Decorate the trees and street with lights and ghosts. Need a big strong ladder holder helper!
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2013-10-18

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Make Stuffed Animal Props

Title: Make Stuffed Animal Props
Description: Please bring all your stuffed animals to de-stuff, add guts and paint to make the werewolf leftovers.
Start Time: 13:30
Date: 2013-10-13

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Volunteers Needed

As you know, to pull this party off, we need LOTS of help!  Many people have already stepped up to take on a task, Thank You!  There’s a few places we still need help if we are to include these activities at the party.  Please take a look and let me know if you can help with any of these unassigned ones:

Potluck – Dianne Fraser is coordinating (diannef@industryentertainment.com)
She will need help with setup and cleanup.  Please look for emails from her directly, or contact to help.

Debra Levin and Susan Sagheb have indicated interest in helping with the Potluck

Hanging Apple Tree – McKinzies

Witch’s Tent (Blind Grab) – Werdershim & Callabresi/Morgan Families

Maze Construction/Deconstruction – Ellington, Andonian, & Callabresi/Andronescu Families

DJ – Joe Simmons

Pin-The-Face-On-The-Pumpkin – Collister
-coordinate procurement of a giant pumpkin
-prep the face options with cutout construction paper
-organize photographer to capture little one with their results

Creepy Treat Walk – NEED HELP
-organize creepy treats for handing out
-oversee 1-2 song Treat-Walk at the party

Party Photographer – NEED HELP

Party Setup – Need 4-6 people starting at 3PM

Party Cleanup:
-Need 4-6 people to help tear down the night of the party
-Need 4-6 people to help clean up street, return stuff, etc. the next morning



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2013 Prop and Material List

Hi All,

Below is the list of props and the materials we need to create them this year.  Many of these things you already have in your garage from last year. Some are new for this year. Please check out the list and let me know if you’d like to help with any. Or a cash donation is equally as nice as things like the paint and hardware fasteners I need to go buy as needed. As usual, thank you for all your support to spread these costs around!

1. String lights for decoration and safety in orange, green or purple. Check your garage!

2. Two bags of cobwebs per family. Buy them soon, they sell out!

3. Extension cords to borrow for lights. Check your garage!

Prop Materials – Need them all by 10/18/2013

4. Blind Grab – new expanded version will be a Witch’s Tent.  Look for these things at garage sales or in your storage space…

A. Old book shelves we can paint and staple on

B. Witch and Apothecary type props (bowls, bottles, beakers, cauldrons, brooms, etc)

C. 3-4 carved or LED lit jack-o-lanterns

D. Heavy drapes or fabric to enclose the tent

5. Pin-The-Face-On-The-Pumpkin – we need one giant real pumpkin!

6. The Maze!

A. 20-30 realistic colored stuffed animals of all sizes to gut and turn into carcasses.  I would suggest picking them up from a garage sale or the thrift store unless you think your little one can stomach seeing their once loved stuffed pet bloody and maimed.  I need these by Friday Oct 11!  I currently have 3…

B. Old picture frames in the 3ft x 4ft range.  I need about 6 of these.  Beat up ones from garage sales are fine, I will be painting them.

C. TWO black plastic (4mil thick) 10’x25’ rolls

I’ll update this post with more materials later as needed!

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2013 Halloween Underway!

Why are these people screaming?…
Lanette Jack MG_0314 MG_0319 MG_0052 MG_0095

Oh right, only SIX weekends left before the Farmdale Neighborhood Halloween Party!!!

To see more images from last year’s party, check out the 2012 Gallery.  I know there’s more pics out there, send them to me and I’ll post them!

Mark your calendars, this year’s party will take place on:
Saturday, October 26
6PM – 10PM

This year’s theme is Werewolf Lair.

We are going to have several new things this year and will need lots of little wolf cub volunteers!  I’ll post the prop making schedule on the calendar soon.  And parents, we’ll be talking soon about what you can do to help too!  Looking forward to another fun and memorable night.

Your Undead Coordinator
(AKA Debra at 4047)

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100% Success!!

What a wonderful party!  I believe it’s being called a success by all.  Thank you to everyone who contributed all that they did.  We did it together, and I for one enjoyed working with all the helpers, and spooking all the kiddies.  Don’t think we got any complaints about it not being scary enough this year….!



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